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Amazon often messes this up, and Malaysia Phone Number unless you pay close attention to your Amazon bill, you may not find yourself paying an outsized FBA fee by mistake until a few months later. If you Malaysia Phone Number notice a discrepancy, make sure to contact Amazon Support immediately and have them remeasure your item before you start selling. What are Amazon’s storage fees? In addition to Amazon’s fulfillment fees, you must also pay. Amazon for the Malaysia Phone Number privilege of having your items in their warehouses. In terms of fees, Amazon has significantly increased its storage costs every year .

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What’s confusing about Amazon storage Malaysia Phone Number fees is that they vary based on the time of year, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the timing of your inventory storage needs. For example, during the October-December holiday period, Amazon’s storage fees can increase Malaysia Phone Number by up to 3x . Here is a storage fee schedule for you to review. moon Standard size oversized January to September $0.75 per cubic foot $0.48 per cubic foot October to December $2.40 per cubic foot $1.20 per cubic foot Your Malaysia Phone Number product size has a huge impact on Amazon’s storage fees.

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Generally speaking, it is much more Malaysia Phone Number expensive for Amazon to store oversized items in their warehouses. How to Save on Amazon Storage Fees Save on Amazon Because Amazon has a monopoly on. Amazon FBA, you have nothing to save on storage costs , they let you go Malaysia Phone Number over. A bucket because you pretty much have to use their warehouse to get the “Prime” label. You can still get Amazon Prime labels for your products through a program called Seller Fulfill Prime. But you have to be very Malaysia Phone Number careful as there is a high risk of account suspension if you don’t deliver on time.

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