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Necessary to carry them out successfully, as well as the organization’s talent management. “ job analysis is a process by which information about jobs is obtained by defining their duties, tasks or work activities ” (g.bolander, a.sherman, s.snell, 2003) job analysis directly reports a series of benefits to both the organization and the managers themselves, hr technicians or employees, such as: facilitates the recruitment and selection process. Transparency in the hiring process. Essential for the staff training plan. Career management. Job evaluation. Performance evaluation. It helps in the early detection of work incidents and accidents.

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Employee motivation and satisfaction. Workload and job responsibilities. The analysis of jobs will be responsible for the person in charge of hr, the person in charge of the department, production or line, as well as the employees themselves. In this sense, the person responsible for the Latvia Phone Number analysis of jobs must have a profile that qualifies them for the work, being able to highlight, among others, quality, analysis capacity, empathy or impartiality. The analysis process can be carried out by a commission created for this purpose, an internal consultant or an external consultant, where factors as important as the diversity of positions or different positions of vital interest to the organization must be addressed.

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On the other hand, regarding the information to be collected , it must deal with at least: inesem business school official master’s degree in human resources + 60 ects credits more information specific information related to the worker: such as knowledge, skills, required physical conditions, attitudes and skills, etc. Specific information related to the position: identification of the position and tasks to be performed, as well as the responsibilities and objectives inherent to the position. Generic information related to the worker: such as general skills related to a group of jobs.

Very useful for comparison between workers in different positions. Very useful for different practices within the hr department. Generic information related to work: important for the study of the worker’s multifunctionality. Since it refers to the tasks that can be performed in more than one job. Such as work management supervision or dealing with suppliers. Very useful for comparison between different jobs.

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