Little Nemo’s Dream Adventure”: a comic for adults to explore the possibilities of dream space

Long before the advent of the movie “Full power up” that played with the dream world. The film industry predecessor  (winsor mccay) in the early twentieth century was already in his comic book “Little nemo in dream adventure. Slumberland hereinafter referred to as Little nemo”). Explores the various possibilities of dream space.

Although “Little nemo” is an unmistakable

children’s wonderland. It is not like the work of maurice sendak, who later paid tribute to mackay with the picture book “In the night kitchen” the same is classified as a children’s book.

In addition to due to the contemporary. References that pop up from time to time in the content of little nemo. And, as many studies have pointed out. The analysis of dreams Senegal Phone Number and subconsciousness implied in little nemo. There are also more fundamental reasons: “Comic” the medium in which this form survived in. Early america was in newspapers read by adults. Not picture books made for children.

Newspaper comic: plane space scheduling

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Before the advent of the true american comic book in 1934. The new medium of comics was once the highlight of newspaper pages. And since the comic “The yellow kid” set off a “Yellow dazzle” in the highly competitive media world. Many of the most popular comics have become the bargaining chip of the newspaper industry. including “Little boy”. Nemo. [1]

Although mckay is well-known for more than one comic book, such as the earlier “Little sammy sneeze” and the comic predecessor “Dream of the cheese addict” in which little nemo first appeared. Rarebit fiend) and so on. However. It was his “Little nemo” series, starring the boy nemo. , and joined the beasts in the fairyland in a universe dotted with stars gallop. With each color change, the abstraction of the entire flat space becomes more and more obvious, until it finally becomes dark, and little nemo wakes up in his bedroom – as he will repeat for years to come.

Or in another dream in the same year [figure 2], little nemo, who was on stilts, ran into a group of cranes with slender legs. In

Photo credit: little nemo summoned by the king of the land of the sky, october 15, 1905 (first plate in the little nemo series)
【figure 1】
Photo credit: little nemo entering cranes, october 29, 1905
【figure 2】
Cross-border new art
Things not fully explained. Visual experiment.

Just like a dream in 1907 [figure 3], little nemo and the little devil turned into giants and climbed outside the high-rise buildings in new york like king kong.

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