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Rumah A post was share on Jan 15, 2020, at 3:05 am PST Sunday Greece Phone Number with Lubach Recently, Rumag decided to offer a corona collection with T-shirts. Part of the purchase price would be donat to the Red Cross. In the program Zondag met Lubach, Rumag is criticized for stealing content, but in particular Greece Phone Number for taking a big margin on the corona shirts and thus earning money from the corona crisis. Stealing = copyright infringement?

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A Competitive Advantage

The content that Rumag earns money with Greece Phone Number is therefore often copi and not creat by themselves. I also think this is ‘stealing’ as they show off someone else’s creativity. They pretend they are their own quotes, when the creator is someone else. And they do that in a sneaky way: they often use quotes in English and translate them into Dutch. They also do not use quotes from acquaintances, so that copying is often not noticed.  But is this stealing also copyright infringement ?

The End Of Google Analytics

And this is exactly the crux. Because in Greece Phone Number order to be able to commit copyright infringement, there must also be a copyright-protected work . Otherwise you cannot commit an infringement. However negative ‘stealing’ may sound, it is only when you steal a copyrighted work that this stealing is copyright infringement. Otherwise you will only steal something that is unprotect. Doesn’t stay okay of course, but it’s not copyright infringement in that case.


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