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They know that people respond better when an offer is Costa Rica Phone Number tailor-made for them. You can arm your employees against these kinds of attacks with good training. That is to say: training sessions in which they really experience what happens during such an attack. During such a crisis simulation, employees are confront with, for example, a ransomware attack. What does Costa Rica Phone Number do if you suddenly encrypt business-critical data at lightning speed? Or if cybercriminals threaten to publish datasets with personal.

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Just like with a physical business incident, act quickly Costa Rica Phone Number to prevent worse. Also read: 4 simple tips for more secure passwords Or what about an employee who accidentally clicks on a link in a phishing message and enters his details. You also want training that is tailored to the type of employee, because people think and react differently. Furthermore, your people Costa Rica Phone Number regularly have to do repetitive exercises.

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Not only to get acquaint with the latest threats but also Costa Rica Phone Number to stay sharp. This does not only concern phishing messages, however. The more information (or data) about you is know to the cybercriminals. The easier it becomes for him to seduce Costa Rica Phone Number a helpdesk employee. It is therefore also important that helpdesk employees are trained in these kinds of social engineering tricks. Be careful with access rights Not everyone has the code to the safe.

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