Manoloide: artistic creation through code and digital colors

The machine and the creative genius collaborating to generate art. We know artistic creation as a process that directly links the artist with the work. Through a series of established steps such as. Conceptualization, planning, execution and presentation. Although it can also be limited to establishing the conditions of creation so that its development is carried out by another. Person or system, that is, the creation of art through an autonomous generating system, of algorithms generated by a computer but delimited by an artist. Generative art is defined as any artistic practice in which the artist. Uses a system, be it a set of rules, a machine, a computer, or any analogous. Procedure, to autonomously create a piece of art, adding random mathematical elements to the art.


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Creative process. And this is not limited to digital painting, it is photo background removing also developed in literature, music, sculpture and architecture. Manoloide artistic creation through code and digital colors 1 one of its new and young latino. Exponents is manolo gamboa naon , also known as manoloide argentine programmer specializing in. The creation of interactive installations, video games, data. Visualization and digital advertising, through various languages ​​such as processing, openframeworks, unity, vvvv, puredata. And javascript. His obsession with generativity and a taste for drawing and 3d models led him to experiment with algorithms and code to produce images full of patterns, textures and overload, playing with color, geometry and rhythm, referring us to the essence of expressionism and futurism.

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Taking inspiration from the work of joshua davis , casey Chine Directory reas , and raven kwok , it seeks to break the misconception of those who see this branch of art as cold and mechanical my inspiration comes from observing all the time. I see a lot of things about design on instagram, twitter, all the time I look for references, from a movie, to. An old newspaper, and I try to evoke something that has quality. I start with an idea, I make a first draft and then I start correcting it. I think the most beautiful parts of the work are born from mistakes. The maturity of my style was formed by making small mistakes, I learned to manipulate from them. Error is fundamental to the work of generative artists, apart from, obviously, the rules, and the rules. Become text that becomes an image.

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