Marketing Stunts: the Good the Uh and the What Were You Thinking

It’s the season for some traders to overcome the summer crisis. In the month of june, we saw at least four brands trying. To become consumers’ priority in various ways. From renaming the company to creating. A new legal department here are the marketing moves that. Have won and some that may have missed the mark. The good – country time lemonade after reading about kids getting. Fined for running lemonade stands without a permit or business license. Country time lemonade stepped up and created a new department called legal-ade. This department pays permits and fines for those kids who are. Just trying to learn how to make a buck, have fun. Or raise money for a good cause. To qualify parents just need to go online and fill out a simple form. The brand also took to social media and said it would donate.

This Money Will Be Used to

We’re taking the lead in #SaveLemonadeStands by paying fines and permits for kids this year. For every RT earned, we’ll donate $1 (up to $500,000) to help kids next year and beyond. — CountryTime CountryTime) June 7, 2018 William Shatner, the Palo Alto Police Department and several parents jumped on the #SaveLemonadeStands hashtag Nepal WhatsApp Number List praising the young entrepreneurs and the company for its charity. This campaign is so successful because it relates directly to Country Time – more lemonade stands equal more lemonade purchased, but it’s not a direct sales pitch as the company seems to be focused on the helping children.

Ihop Was Going About Business

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IHOP was going about business as usual and adding pancakes to its tweets as many times as possible. On that fateful day, IHOP announced that it was changing its name to IHOb and left the country in abeyance for an entire week. It ignited a storm on Twitter with users trying to guess what the ‘b’ stood for. The answers ranged from breakfast to breakdancing, but no one was prepared for what the answer would end up being. June 11 has arrived and IHOb has announced that it is now the International House of Hamburgers. While America was in shock, the marketing manager explained after completing market research, the company discovered that no one knew about IHOP’s burger selection

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