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Now that you’ve got some inspiration for what Brazil Phone Number activities you can automate, we come to the fun part: actually setting the rules. Where do you do that? There are 2 options: You go via Tools and settings via the top menu to Bulk actions > Rules . Here you can really go all out with setting rules regarding gender, age, keyword Brazil Phone Number and topic rules, and much more. The second way is to go directly to the relevant campaign, ad group or keyword via the left menu, to which you want to apply a rule. Then click on the three dots at ‘More’ and then select ‘Create an automated rule’.Of course, automation is also an exciting step, because you no longer have to turn the buttons in real-time. That is why it is wise to test your rules Brazil Phone Number once before you continuously ‘let them go’.

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Do they not deliver the desired result? Then you Brazil Phone Number can always revert the changes via the change history. Do the rules deliver the desired result? Top! Then apply them for the desired length of time. You can also set that you want to receive an e-mail notification about automated rules. This is possible with every automated change, for example, every Brazil Phone Number switching on and off. But also when an error occurs with a change, so that you can intervene. In addition, it is wise to work with limits. This applies to both minimum limits and maximum limits. For example, you prevent unnecessarily high maximum CPC bids, which means that your budget will quickly run out. But also bids that are too low, so that you are shown less, and Brazil Phone Number therefore less traffic to your website or app as a result.

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Now I have to nuance the title of this Brazil Phone Number paragraph. Letting go completely is of course not the intention. Continue to monitor the results and adjust the rules where necessary. Now is the time to start experimenting with automated rules, because there are so many options. Good luck!The arrival of Amazon Netherlands has meant that Brazil Phone Number many retailers and brands have to think about whether this is the time to get started with marketplaces. They have to make a choice: not to get started with marketplaces and defend their own website, start selling via marketplaces or build a marketplace themselves? The popular Brazil Phone Number marketplace model In the Netherlands, the influence of marketplaces is growing by the day.

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