Mental disorders are a common phenomenon in

Mental disorders are a common phenomenon in society. Someone who has a mental disorder will experience obstacles in carrying out daily life activities, especially people with severe mental disorders. Unfortunately, some Indonesians still treat people with mental disorders inappropriately, one of which happened in the city of Bandung. Some people with mental disorders experience shackles, instead of proper care. Patients with severe mental disorders, including those in Bandung, need to get further treatment, such as visiting the nearest Bandung psychologist.

One of the severe mental disorders that afflicts some people is bipolar. Bipolar is a disorder in which the sufferer experiences extreme mood swings. These moods can be manic (very happy) and depressive (very sad). Each of these phases can last for several weeks or months. Bipolar mental disorder not only affects adults, but also children. Until now there is no definite cause of bipolar disorder. However, psychology researchers argue that disturbances in the brain’s natural compounds ( neurotransmitters ) can cause bipolar disorder. Disruption of these compounds can be triggered by genetic and environmental factors.

Bipolar Symptoms

People with bipolar mental disorder experience two very opposite extreme emotions, namely mania and depression. Launching from the official Mayo Clinic website, each phase has several examples of symptoms as follows.

Symptoms of Mania and Hypomania

1. Activity and energy VP Security Email Lists levels increase

2. Overconfidence

3. Decreased need for sleep

4. Talk more

5. Making decisions recklessly


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Symptoms of the Major Depressive Phase

Meanwhile, people with bipolar disorder who are experiencing a depressive phase have difficulty in carrying out daily activities. The following are characteristics of the depressive phase of people with bipolar disorder.

1. Depressive mood, such as feeling sad, empty, or hopeless

2. Not interested in doing any activities

3. Insomnia or sleeping too long

4. Decreased ability to think or concentrate

5. Thinking or planning suicide

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Other Symptoms in People with Bipolar
In addition to some of the symptoms above, there are other symptoms that accompany bipolar sufferers, such as anxiety, melancholy, or psychosis. In addition, bipolar symptoms may occur during pregnancy or the seasons change. The symptoms of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents are characterized by extreme mood swings, different from their usual mood swings.

Handling People with Bipolar Me

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