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But looks are deceiving. Because in recent sports articles, de Bahamas Phone Number List Volkskrant writes about football players , handball players and volleyball players† Perhaps there is an exception because it concerns sports. If so, that’s an odd exception. Because why should you make a distinction in sports and not in professions? Lifeguard with whip Sometimes you can neither feminize Bahamas Phone Number List nor masculinize words. Secretary cannot become secretary , because that is a different profession. And lifeguards cannot become lifeguards , because then you think of lifeguards with a whip in hand. Bath teacher may be possible, but some think that sounds strange (see example below). And a female lifeguard is also possible.

The Enticing Future Perspective

The cloud and technological evolution have Bahamas Phone Number List made it possible to move from data warehouses to data lakes and high-performance analytical engines , that is, databases that are fast, sophisticated and capable of providing information on huge amounts of data in fractions of a second. «These enabling factors – says Giorgio Moresi  have made it possible to move from a system that provided a simple data analysis to a truly intelligent system, which offers much more Bahamas Phone Number List information and which has a proactive capacity. The heart of efficiency, marketing and sales are the inference engines, data analyzers that make it possible to separate what is really important for.

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Bahamas Phone Number List

Angelique is a cheerful Bahamas Phone Number List student’ . That sentence in itself is fine. But you can also write: ‘ Angelique is a cheerful student’ . With that in mind, the following sentence should also be possible: ‘ There are both Bahamas Phone Number List students and female students present ‘. But that sounds weird at the same time. students – male bias AD vs Volkskrant It so happens that the AD sometimes writes about female students and sometimes about female students ( see images above). De Volkskrant has even devised a rule for this: female (professional) designations should be avoided. A writer is a female writer and a teacher is.

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