Minicast How to Function as a Newsroom

First, a word of caution, if you can bring a professional photographer, do it! If you’re good at taking photos and videos, skip to the parts on how to submit them or what makes a good photoshoot. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Could we be focusing on the wrong thing with all this text? Would you rather have a big picture on the cover/front page of The New York Times or an article inside? We want both, of course, but the photo is what grabs our audience’s attention the most! If you’re as uncomfortable as Amy, a self-proclaimed horrible photographer, with taking photos and videos, don’t be.

We’ve Had Photos and Even iPhone Videos

We’ve had photos and even iPhone videos, taken by UAE WhatsApp Number List this terrible photographer, shown on TV. Of course, you’d still prefer the media to come (you’re more likely to get the story across), but what if they don’t? You have to fulfill the role of the journalist even more. Let’s call it HARO, Help a Reporter Out… maybe it’s already taken. If the link shortener you’re considering lacks the ability to tag and personalize links, you’ll be missing out on a great feature that can make a significant difference to your business.

Mark for Example, in Bitly You Can Set

UAE WhatsApp Number List

Mark For example, in Bitly you can set up your own custom domain. This “Branded Short Domain” replaces the generic “” with something that more closely reflects your brand. Branded Bitly links not only add a level of professionalism to your online presence.  Once installed, just click the icon and automatically shorten, bookmark and share the web page you are on directly to your social networks. Likewise, our iOS and Android apps allow you to create and share links, as well as view your analytics on the go. Download the Bitly extension and app here.

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