More Than Just Lip Service: How to Turn Company Values ​​into Lived Behaviors

The difference with this list of values ​​is that they are. Taken from the 2000 annual report of what would become one of the. Most unethical companies of all time – enron. Following the Egypt WhatsApp Number List enron accounting scandal of 2001. It quickly became apparent to shareholders and customers that. These values ​​meant nothing, in a corporate culture where greed reigned supreme. While enron is an extreme example of abandoned values. It is sadly too often that corporate values ​​statements are pinned to. The wall and forgotten, while the lived culture brews up all the. Practices and tactics that make work disempowering politically charged or unethical. Environments.

From Kpis That Cause Role Conflict

From KPIs that cause role conflict and stress to high-pressure sales tactics employed by desperate staff at the expense of vulnerable customers, there are companies all over the world that pretend to Egypt WhatsApp Number List be a big culture while allowing horrible business practices to impact customers and agents. Corporate values ​​statements aim to prevent this, but they are  problematic for any professional looking for results in any business initiative – and corporate values ​​are as much a business initiative as any other practice for fueling organizational change. How to measure values? What are we even measuring here? While corporate values ​​are often seen as too contested or illusory to reach a consensus and measure, it can be done.

Here Are Some of the Things I’ve Learned

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Here are some of the things I’ve learned from helping contact centers embed their corporate values. Some values ​​are really hard to define. Ask your average person what integrity is, for example, and you’ll likely get a response like, “Doing the right thing.” That’s all well and good, but Enron executives probably thought they were doing the right thing for their lifestyles and their families all the time they were secretly lining their pockets with the organization’s money. Values ​​mean different things to different people, so it’s essential that your teams agree on what a particular value actually means so that they see how it can be applied to their work.

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