Multiple Internet Connections to Increase Internet Speed

Last night, a colleague asked if it was possible to combine two internet connections to increase the overall download speed? The idea seems logical and good, the answer is yes! We may take two or more internet connections to add up to their South Korea Phone Number List individual speeds. Having multiple active internet connections, and using just one of them, is not a very efficient way to download a large file. Suppose you have two connections at 1 Mbps and you are downloading a high-quality 2GB movie file. You can combine your two connections to get about 2 Mbps, so you’ll be able to watch movies faster! In this article, we will learn how to combine an internet connection.

Before We Start

Let’s start with some background material. Combining an internet connection is achieved by load balancing where one computer uses multiple IP addresses to download data. Load balancing can be done using both software and hardware. However, bonding connections can only be used by software that supports such connections. For example, the following operations can take advantage of a combined internet connection: total data usage will be based on individual connection usage. So, total usage will be the sum of usage from individual connections. Windows operating systems have a metric that is assigned to an IP route to indicate the cost associated with using that route. When you have multiple active internet connections on your computer, Windows will automatically calculate the cost of usage and assign a metric to each of them.

Windows Using the Bridge Connection Feature

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Windows also provides the ability to bridge connections. To use this feature, you must have at least two active lan/wan connections on your computer. Several load balancing routers are commercially available. When you google it, the tl-r480t+ comes first. There are routers from companies like cisco, and a better understanding. But load balancing routers from tp-link are the cheapest and probably affordable by individuals and small businesses. The router offers 4 wan ports where you can plug in up to four wired connections. This hardware comes with built-in advanced algorithms that ensure maximum internet speed after you put in several connections. The tl-r480t+ router is currently available for about $65. Join all the connections, then output them as a single connection.

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