Muscular dystrophy” limits my body, but not my mind

Before becoming a physician. Chen yanlin had been a patient for many years. Suffering from a rare disease called “Muscular dystrophy” for which there is currently no drug to treat. Facing the shadow of gradually losing his Senegal Phone Number ability to move. He was not overwhelmed by the disease. Instead. He actively devoted himself to researching genetic testing technology. Hoping to prevent the transmission of muscular dystrophy and rare diseases to the next generation.

He knows very well what kind of disease he is facing,

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And maybe his lifelong research may not be able to find a solution, but it doesn’t matter, as much as he can do, the current efforts will become valuable for later people to study muscular dystrophy. Material.

Ignoring the body to send the warning signal turns out to be muscular dystrophy knocking on the door
In the second year of the country, because his father became an exchange scholar, chen yanlin and his sister went to the united states with their father. Recalling the beautiful days of freedom in the united states, he said with a smile: “It really makes people feel very happy to study in an environment without the pressure of further education.”

Perhaps it was the air of freedom

After returning to taiwan, chen yanlin re-read national three because of the problem of course connection. At that time, the head of the sports department was looking for runners for the brigade relay competition of the games, and asked him, “How fast can you run 100 meters?” chen yanlin replied, “About 13 seconds!” the head of the sports division was very happy. The team in the class was short of manpower for the relay. With his achievements, the chance of winning the championship has increased.

Considered to be the second-to-last one, chen yanlin ran hard, and the sports chief of the last one saw that he was close to starting his run and waited for him to hand over the stick. Unexpectedly, no matter how hard he sprinted, chen yanlin was chasing him. The sports chief, who couldn’t get up to the slow run-up, finally stopped and looked back at him questioningly. After returning to the classroom, the head of the sports section angrily thought that chen yanlin did not run seriously in order to prepare for further studies; on the other hand, chen yanlin was also full of grievances, he had already tried his best to run, why couldn’t he run fast?

Some people may think that there have been many warning signs on the body, why haven’t they noticed it yet? Instead, are you constantly looking for reasons to convince yourself that you are unwilling to face the truth?


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