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However, if you are sued, it is in your Oman Phone Number best interest to purchase insurance to protect yourself. Business Structure – To limit your liability, you should form an LLC or corporation. Trademarks – Once Oman Phone Number you start selling on Amazon, you will need to register brands that require trademarks. Intermediate warehouse costs – Even if you will be using Amazon FBA for the fulfillment, you may want to send the shipment to a Oman Phone Number processing center for labeling or quality control before sending it to Amazon. To incorporate the above costs into your calculations.

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You should add up all overhead Oman Phone Number costs for the past 12 months and divide that sum by the number of units you sold during the same period. Then factor this number into your total cost of selling on Amazon. Amazon will screw it up and cost you money Accident The Oman Phone Number biggest downside to selling on Amazon is that they often screw up and you’ll lose money unless you pay attention. Here are some costs that 99% of brand new Oman Phone Number sellers never consider when they start selling on Amazon.

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I include these “hidden fees” as the Oman Phone Number cost of doing business on Amazon. Because it is so easy for customers to return goods on Amazon. You will receive many returns in your life as an Amazon seller. The problem is that when a customer returns one of your Oman Phone Number products to Amazon. Amazon immediately refunds the customer, but sometimes they forget to pay! Unfortunately, this happens all the time and you really Oman Phone Number have to track. Your finances or use a 3rd party service to find out when this happens and get your money back.

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