OpenDNS Test: Check If OpenDNS Is Working

OpenDNS is an extended domain name system (DNS) service. In addition to being a normal DNS server, it provides additional features such as phishing protection and content filtering. In this article, we will discuss the testing of OpenDNS configuration. The opening test can help Switzerland Phone Number List determine if you have configured OpenDNS settings correctly on your computer. But what is DNS? Well, in simple terms, a DNS server is a machine that translates domain names into IP addresses. All computers on the internet are identified by IP addresses – so there is no computer on the internet named. Instead, has an IP address. But it is difficult to remember human IP addresses.

How to Configure and Test OpenDNS?

If you want to use the OpenDNS service, you need to make certain settings on your computer. On a typical Windows machine, the following steps need to be followed: after completing these steps, it is recommended that you flush your DNS cache to quickly bring the above OpenDNS settings into effect. Also, it is recommended to restart the computer afterward. The steps to configure OpenDNS on various other devices are listed here. Most people use their own internet service provider (isp) DNS servers. However, nowadays third-party DNS services like OpenDNS and Google DNS are also available. You may choose to use these third-party services for a faster and better internet experience.

How to Test OpenDNS

Once your internet connection is configured to use the OpenDNS server, you may want to test whether the OpenDNS settings are working fine. OpenDNS protects you from internet intimidation like phishing. Phishing sites are those that look good but are actually bad! OpenDNS blocks access to these sites. To test if the OpenDNS security settings are working properly, you can visit the test site. It is a secure website and is used for testing purposes only. If security works, OpenDNS will block access to this test site. If you use OpenDNS, you can filter out some content. Websites carrying unnecessary content will be blocked by OpenDNS. After OpenDNS is configured, you should go to test the site. If content filtering works, access to this site will be blocked. We hope this tutorial on how to test OpenDNS configuration was helpful to you.

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