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o keep these costs down, you want to Mexico Phone Number avoid shipping via UPS or other courier services, as it is very expensive. Instead, you want to ship full containerized and LCL shipments directly to Amazon or use LTL where possible. I wanted to share a quick tip that can Mexico Phone Number save you money when Amazon requires you to ship to multiple warehouses. Instead of splitting your shipments for each warehouse, just send all your inventory to one warehouse at the beginning. Then, once you receive the Mexico Phone Number next shipment, send it to the next warehouse, and so on.

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Generally speaking, as long as your Mexico Phone Number product ends up in each warehouse, Amazon doesn’t care when you ship it to all warehouses. Cost #2: Returns and Damaged Goods return Because Amazon makes it so easy for customers to return items, the return rate for items you Mexico Phone Number sell on Amazon is much higher than for your own online store. For example, our Amazon return rate is easily 3 times that of our e-commerce store. Also, some product categories on Amazon have much higher return rates than others. If you Mexico Phone Number sell clothing, you should expect a 20%+ refund.

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The bad thing is that you still have Mexico Phone Number Amazon FBA and sales commissions anyway! Additionally, you may not be able to resell the return product as “new” if the customer open or tamper. With the product before returning it. One year, an Amazon customer Mexico Phone Number bought dozens of napkins from us. Us them for parties, and returned the soiled napkins for a full refund. guess what? Not being able to resell, we had to eat Amazon referral fees, Amazon FBA fees, and item costs! So if you sell products Mexico Phone Number on Amazon with a high return rate like clothing, you must factor the return rate into your calculations!

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