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Things you should do differently when Canada Phone Number you work from home You can now use those many working days at home to do things differently. To experiment and discover how you can work more productively and smarter. Mirjam Wiersma shares 3 tips. Working from home with cat next to laptop. Checklist crisis communication: this is how you deal with the coronavirus What do you Canada Phone Number communicate if your company comes to a standstill or if something changes in your service? How do you stay top-of-mind and relevant to your target audience?

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To help you with crisis communication around the coronavirus, you will find a handy checklist in this article! Crisis communication checklist: this is how you deal with the coronavirus 9. Meeting with webcam: practical tips to come across as good Suddenly you are in all kinds of digital meetings and you have to talk to a screen. How do you ensure that you stay personal in such an impersonal, digital environment? How can you properly convey your message to a camera?

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Pelpina shares 6 useful tips with you, including: ensure good light. Woman has a meeting with webcam on the couch. 10. Corona crisis & marketing budgets: 7 smart considerations In these uncertain times, you as a marketer can get the message that your budget is being cut. When your business is down, how do you manage your marketing budgets wisely? Niels shares 7 pieces of advice with you to think about. Does your content match the needs of your readers.


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