Personalization Is a Priority for Retail This Year: Here Are 7 Ways

Personalization is a high priority for retailers looking to meet customer expectations this year, according to Brendan Witcher’s recently released Forrester report. The Haiti B2B List Top Retail Technology Investments In 2018. According to the report, “36% of American online adults think retailers should do more to provide personalized experiences. Retailers are addressing this expectation by continuing to invest in technology that facilitates real-time. Personalized experiences for every customer. »But what do these tailored experiences really look like? What can you do as a retailer to deliver truly personalized experiences across all channels?

In This Blog Post, I’m Going to Explore Seven

In this blog post, I’m going to Haiti B2B List explore seven ideas that you may not have considered before that can guide you in your own personalization strategy. 1. Combine online and offline experiences Bringing together online and offline experiences remains a major challenge for retailers. With the right solution, online and offline data can be Haiti B2B List brought together in one place, interpreted and acted upon in real time. Once a shopper provides their email address to a cashier, for example, their in-store purchase can trigger an email receipt. This email may contain individualized product recommendations that are relevant to the buyer based on their past shopping experiences as well as products that match their in-store purchases.

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if any. This email can Haiti B2B List bring it back to the site for further purchases. For example, suppose a customer in a home goods store purchases a duvet cover set. At the checkout, the cashier asks for her email address. An email receipt can be Haiti B2B List automatically sent to them containing recommendations for sheets and pillows to pair with the duvet cover, selected by machine learning algorithms based on their preferences discovered from their recent behavior.

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