Practical sharing: 10 Sweden Phone Number ways to build an excellent product team

Whether you are a BOSS, a product leader or a Sweden Phone Number product  manager, you all hope that your company’s product team will become better and better, but the reality is often not the case. From the perspective of a manager, what are the things that a poor product team can criticize? Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Poor team performance

1. Can’t carry it, can’t handle it well

The product team is like a mess of Sweden Phone Number sand, each with their own ideas and ways of doing things. They look great when viewed separately, but together they seem like a rabble.

Because product managers often go deep into various business lines and cooperate more with technology and testing, product managers have  little contact with each other, and cross-management often occurs, resulting in a feeling of powerlessness in the management of product team leaders.

2. Difficult to cultivate, not to grow

Sweden Phone Number

Enterprises have very limited training methods for product managers, and their growth relies on self-study, and the growth is very slow.

Due to the lack of systematic knowledge and Sweden Phone Number skills of product managers, the quality and level of product teams are uneven, and enterprises lack systematic and effective training methods. Many enterprises’ training is only to share insights with some successful cases.

3. No performance, hard to convince the public

Either a big pot of rice or a relationship, performance rewards are difficult to convince.

The work evaluation of product managers is difficult to quantify. Even through indicators such as document quality, product progress, commendation, defense, and cross-scoring, in the end, it still relies on the subjective judgment of leaders. It is still difficult to convince the public, and it is not fair.

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