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Remarketing is the technique that allows users to be segmented based on behavioral variables and to create ad hoc ads to show them. Obviously segmenting and customizing ads based on users increases the likelihood that they convert. Everyone has happened to go to Amazon to look at a pair of shoes and then be stalked by them on all sites. Here, this is remarketing and increases CTR by 52%, lower CPA by 28% and increase conversions by 50% .Tailing is the key word. In short, the goal is to re-engagement and it is perhaps the most used type of Display campaign as it greatly restricts the target and is precise and effective. But why remarketing? simple, because about 90% of users do not convert on the first visit. Therefore remarkting is the perfect way to close the conversion process and make your prospect customers as well as the fact that Google is able to cover 92% of the world market and 88% of the Italian market.

Remarketing Is the Technique That Allows


Let’s freshen up the process Vietnam Phone Number of creating a remarketing campaign a bit . Install the remarketing tag (on all pages) Identify the pages or KPIs important for conversions (you can do it both through adwords and analytics) Create remarketing lists Create ad hoc ads Set upper bids based on the value of the list. ( Infographic by Google ) remarketing Before talking about the strategies, however, I wanted to introduce the concept of Similar Audience, this allows you to create a list of users and then go and intercept users who are not aware of you but who look like that list (brilliant!). And finally, Dynamic Remarketing, automatically inserts keywords and ads (if you have millions of products this is the best choice). 6 ESSENTIAL REMARKETING STRATEGIES Abandoned Cart .

Before Talking About the Strategies

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It may seem obvious but this is definitely the first campaign you need to create. Insert the tag in the final pages of the funnel, create the list of users  to convert at all . For example, let them review the product they had placed in the cart, give them a. Acquire new customers: this strategy is great for expanding the first base of the funnel and doing branding activities. Insert the tag in the home, then create a list excluding those who have seen enter the similar audience. You can create ads for them with 20% off the first purchase, free shipping and more. Corss-selling : create for example a list of those who have visited the shoes page and made. The purchase and then show them the socks. Convince customers: Create ads for users who spend more than 5 minutes on the site. (in reality you should know the average conversion time of your site. Through analytics and set everything based on that data).

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