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The answer to that, of course, is that it can Belgium Phone Number indeed get out of hand. But luckily there is a solution for that. You can set a maximum bid limit per line. This way you do not give Google Ads free rein. The quality score also influences the amount of your bid. So you can choose to increase a maximum CPC for (top) first page if Belgium Phone Number the quality score is at least 6 or higher. Also read: Google Ads: 4 automation pitfalls (and how to avoid them) Bid and budget adjustments for specific moments Do you want to adjust bids Belgium Phone Number for specific times of the day, or specific days? Then you can also use the automated rules for this.

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Adjusting for specific moments also applies to Belgium Phone Number budgets. This way you can give campaigns that perform better at certain times the space to achieve even more conversions. Adjust bids for high-performing keywords Imagine, your goal is to Belgium Phone Number achieve a cost per action (CPA ) of 50. Of course, this also applies the other way around: if keywords have too high a CPA, you can automatically lower the maximum CPC for that. Improve ad copy If you now think that Google is now going to rewrite your texts on its own, then Belgium Phone Number I have to disappoint you.

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But Google Ads can give you a notification Belgium Phone Number by email if ads are shown a lot, but the clicks are lagging. This may, for example, indicate ad texts that do not match the search intent. For this you set the notification type ‘Send email’, and if required an X number of impressions and clicks. If the rule is met (think of ‘if-then’), you will Belgium Phone Number receive a notification by e-mail. The signal for you to optimize your texts.  The above examples mainly relate to search. But you can also apply automatic rules very well to display. And? Do you already see opportunities to make it a little easier for yourself? Then read on to learn how Belgium Phone Number to set up the automated rules in your Google Ads account. How do you set up automated rules?

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