Reviews and Word of Mouth Marketing Have Always Been a Crucial Part of the Game.

Telling stories – Life in the property
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Now suppose a family has taken Belgium Phone Number the virtual video tour of the house, or even visited the site, and has shown interest in the property.

The place meets their needs and has the potential to become their dream home.

This is when emotions kick in – they start trying to imagine themselves living in the house; raise their children at home; have backyard barbecues with their grandkids every weekend.

And it’s the perfect time to redirect them to a video telling the story of a family living in the house, for example.

You want the potential customer to see themselves in the faces of the actors in the video, enjoying life in comfort and happiness.

Basic marketing content
These types of videos can be relevant at different stages of the consumer journey depending on their content.

They may contain:

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An introduction to business
And an introduction to you, the real estate agent, and the way you do things
Stories about your experience and potential certifications, as well as how other professionals view you
An overview of the home buying/selling process for the client so they know more about the journey they are about to take.
Video testimonials

Since the real estate industry has gone digital, online reviews and video testimonials have grown in popularity.

video marketing strategy

If a client wants to trust you with an investment of their life (many put all their savings into one property), they need to know about your reputation in the market. And what better source to find out than someone who has experience buying your business?

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