Rokudenashiko: the kawaii vulva that protests against censorship

The japanese artist rokudenashiko recounts, in comic After that, terms, the censorship she has faced for her work. Megumi igarashi , better known as rokudenashiko , decided to enter art after facing the reality of a culture. That prohibits the representation of female genitalia –blurring, pixelating and even erasing any material that contains. Them– and mythologizes male ones, even organizing a festival around him, the kawasaki steel phallus festival.

Having become aware of this reality, the japanese artist works to. Mystify the vagina in japan, breaking down misperceptions and stigmas through pop art, representing it through illustration, photography and sculpture. His career began by bringing manko art pussy art to reality manga , a genre in which humor is used to recount embarrassing or unusual situations in the authors life.


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The most famous was around his vaginoplasty. From that image manipulation service moment on, and happy with the appearance of her new vagina, the artist began to make molds of it, creating small sculptures, toys and even an iconic character mankochan miss pussy , which over time became be part of collections of accessories such as phone cases, jewelry, dioramas, remote After that, control vehicles. All focused on showing a cheerful and fun artistic representation with a critical background as a protest. Rokudenashiko the kawaii vulva that  After that, protests against censorship 1 in 2014 he introduced a kayak which he After that, named mango the vagina boat . The project, made with a 3d printer, got her arrested and confined in prison for a week.

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Later that year, she was arrested again for presenting Chine Directory sculptures in the shape of a vulva in a display inside an adult store. In may 2016, a japanese court ruled that igarashi was guilty of After that. Distributing obscenity, facing two years in prison and a 20,000. Fine for sharing data and information about his genitalia my work is. Meant to make the female sexual organs funny, funny and cute.

I hadnt thought any of After that, that would fall even. Remotely in the realm of obscenity, yet the law After that, courts have this idiosyncratic concept of the vagina. Im probably the first woman to be arrested in japan for using her. Own as a form of expression, and for overturning the male view of the female sex which is only talked about through the prism of obscenity. Controlling sexual tendencies is much scarier than what im doing.

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