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You can easily create Facebook lookalike USA Phone Number audiences and run Facebook ads to get them. Those customers to buy more, sign up for your email list, or leave a comment. If you want to be on the safe side, I’d run a Facebook ad. That lets these customers buy directly from USA Phone Number your site, leave their email or become Facebook Messenger subscribers. So you can connect with them again later. I would never publicly run a Facebook ad asking these customers to leave a review. As always, proceed with caution. Unless you do USA Phone Number something stupid, the chances of getting caught are slim.

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For more information on how to run USA Phone Number Facebook ads, check out my post. How to Advertise on Facebook – Tactics the Pros Use to Generate Sales Amazon Review. Tactic Run Facebook Messenger USA Phone Number Ads (Security Level: 10/10) chatbot. Using a Facebook Messenger bot is probably the easiest way to generate. Amazon sales while maintaining the ability to connect with customers. Here’s how it works. You run Facebook USA Phone Number Messenger ads to your target audience with the right coupon code. When a customer clicks on your ad, they’re taken to Facebook Messenger.

Challenges Of Doing So USA Phone Number

USA Phone Number

Where they have to interact with your USA Phone Number bot to get their coupon code. After you send the coupon co, you direct customers to the storefront URL where they made the purchase. You cross-reference USA Phone Number your Facebook Messenger list with your customer list and send that customer a Facebook Messenger broadcast request for review. You can also combine this strategy with the email add-on service mention. In strategy and use your USA Phone Number Facebook Messenger ads to target your existing Amazon customer list.

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