Scrum Master Duties, Serving One Team (Survey Results

Scrum Master Duties: Supposedly, a great Scrum Master only serves one Scrum team – at least that’s a popular narrative in the Scrum community. However, there is also a strong voice that doubts this approach: what would you do all day – with one team? Aren’t they supposed to self-organize over time? And if so, then does scrum need a 24/7 scrum master? As I worked for years as a Product Owner in Scrum teams without a dedicated Scrum Master, which worked well, I was also curious to know more about this issue. I therefore conducted a survey at the end of June and beginning of July 2018, the results of which are presented here. A total of 261 scrum masters participated in this non-representative survey in the two weeks leading up to July 5, 2018. 19 participants chose not to consent to processing by Google and to store their responses.

Scrum Master Duties, Serving One

Scrum Master Duties, Serving One Team (Survey Results) — Age of ProductScrum Master Tasks: Survey Results Scrum team size Question : How many people make up your Scrum team? Two-thirds of respondents work in a Scrum team of at least seven members. Small Scrum teams of four to five people make up less Mexico WhatsApp Number List than 20% of the sample. Sprint length Question : What is your sprint duration? The vast majority of respondents are members of Scrum teams with a two-week sprint. (81 percent.)Scrum Master Tasks: Product Backlog Refinement Question : How much time do you spend on product backlog refinement sessions each week? More than half of all respondents spend no more than an hour per week in product backlog refinement sessions.

Scrum Guide Allocates Up to

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Scrum guide allocates up to 10% of the sprint to refining the product backlog. That means being at the bottom. Probably. Respondents are not involved in refining the product backlog all. The time? (the survey was not designed to obtain this. Type of information. Scrum master functions. Serving a single team scrum master tasks: sprint planning. Question : how much time do you spend per sprint on sprint planning. Sprint planning is the most evenly distributed scrum ceremony. The median value is around 75 minutes. Scrum master functions, serving a single team scrum. Master tasks: daily scrums or stand-ups question how much time. Do you spend each week doing daily scrums or standups? Not surprisingly. Given the size of most scrum teams in this survey. Over 40 percent of teams spent between 12 and 18 minutes per stand.

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