Selling on Instagram without buyers is not a hope

Selling on Instagram without buyers is not a hope for business people who rely on social media as a selling platform . Social media, especially Instagram, is indeed very promising to be a selling stall because nowadays almost everyone uses this social media. That way, the reach of target consumers from business people can be wider.


But unfortunately, there are still a few business people who don’t really know how to increase sales via Instagram. Many of them just simply post product photos without doing certain tricks to attract the attention of buyers. So don’t be surprised if their sales on Instagram are empty of buyers.

So that this doesn’t happen to your business, here’s what you should do to avoid selling on Instagram with no buyers.

1. Complete your profile with a good description

A profile with a good description is a profile that provides a little explanation about your brand or business. You can also include your address and phone number on your business account profile. That way, other account users will get an idea of ​​what and how the business you run is.

2. Promote politely
Polite promotion is by not spamming . Posting 10 times a day will make other account users uncomfortable. Therefore, look for the right time so that your post does not disturb the followers ‘ homepage . Don’t forget to include polite words in each of your post captions .

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3. Actively interact with followers
Interacting with flolowers can be a consideration for potential buyers to make transactions at your stall. Therefore, try to give the best response to the questions asked by followers . Remember, a friendly impression will increase the loyalty of your buyers.

4. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags
Using hashtags that are not relevant to the products you offer, such as #followforfollow or #likesforlikes, will only invite fake followers. Therefore, use hashtags related to your product photos so that what you offer is easy for real potential buyers to find.

5. Post the best photos of the products offered
To increase the interest of potential buyers, choose the best photos of the products you offer. This is very important because the photos or images that you share represent the quality of the products you offer. If the photos you post are dark and blurry, of course, potential buyers will be lazy to see your products.

That’s the solution so that your sales on Instagram are not empty of buyers. If you want to learn more about the business world, especi

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