Send Large Files Using Google Drive

Gmail is one of the most widely used free email services from Google. Gmail was the first web-based email service. Offer virtually unlimited storage space with its ever-increasing counter space. At the time of launch, Google said you wouldn’t need to delete any messages in the future. Also, Gmail may be the first to allow Turkey Phone Number List large file attachments. Currently, the maximum attachment size in Gmail is 25 MB. But with the development of multimedia and faster internet connections, people always want to further increase the limit of Gmail attachments. To meet this need, Gmail now allows users to send oversized file attachments through google drive. With this feature, it’s easy to go beyond the regular Gmail attachment limits.

Break Gmail Attachment Limits

When you start composing an email and try to attach a file(s).  Whose total size is larger than 25MB, Gmail reminds you that the maximum attachment size is 25MB. And your files won’t be concatenated. However, Gmail will offer you to upload the file on google drive and the receiver will be able to download the file at her end. After running the setup on the router, go to the configuration page, as directed in the user manual. Then windows set the most cost-effective connection as the default and keep backups of other active connections (fail-safe) for the purpose. All of these methods are listed assuming there is no physical damage to your phone’s screen.

Send Larger Files in Gmail with Google Drive

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When you try to upload a file larger than 25MB, the following message appears in Gmail: Just click the share and send button with the attachment link and send the email. You can send additional file-sharing links without clicking if you want to send the message but don’t want to share it. So, isn’t it easy to send files heavier than the Gmail attachment limit via Google Drive? Remember, you already have 15 GB of free drive space available. However, all emails (in Gmail), photos (in Google Photos), uploaded files (in the drive), etc.  Are all included in the 15GB space. For example, you have 14.5GB of photos uploads your Google accounts, then only 0.5GB is left for everything.

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