Since then the Republic of China has lost the right to continue

To represent China in the international community, especially the sole legitimate government of China. United Nations Organization and all its affiliated institutions”. The author also has a question, that is. Taiwan’s succession as “the representative of Chiang Kai-shek” Does it really have no place in today’s United Nations. Organization and all its affiliated institutions? Completely uninvolved? To answer these two questions, we must begin with the signing of the Declaration by United Nations on January 1, 1942. United Nations 1 Photo Credit: Xu Jianhong Every year, representatives of the United Nations from all over the world come to Taipei to express their utmost righteousness to the Republic of China, the founding member of the United Nations.

There is another group of Taiwanese

Who believe that since the People’s Republic of China has effectively ruled most of the “China” territory and has been recognized by the international community, Taiwan can only share the glory of the Chinese nation by “returning” to the Norway Phone Number motherland. In other words, if there is no “UN General. Assembly Resolution 2758”, there would be no blue-green. Struggle for Taiwan’s reunification and independence today. Therefore, whether readers consider themselves Chinese or not, whether the Republic of China should continue to represent “China” or not, should not ignore the importance of this date.

However, the author also has his

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Own views on the “UN General Assembly Resolution 2758”. The first is that the People’s Republic of China has never joined the United Nations before October 25, 1971. How can “the restoration of all its rights” be used to describe the People’s Republic of China’s accession to the United Nations? Such usage involves the question of who the People’s Republic of China represents in the United Nations. Does it simply represent “China”, or does it actually represent the “Republic of China”? Then there is the point of “expelling the representative of Chiang Kai-shek from the seats he illegally occupied in the.

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