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If you’ve seen my previous blog submission to sitemap google search console article. You probably already know that we need to submit an XML sitemap to the google search console. In order to have better indexing and our blog posts crawling in. But there is a problem with the sitemap. The sitemap does not contain links to your static pages. Static pages like:-although, none of these pages are as important as the index, but if you’re like me, who sometimes posts Finland Phone Number List valuable content for pages rather than information (like this and this), then submit a sitemap for google search console static pages are important. As for the static page sitemap already created, we just need to submit it to the google search console so that search bots can find them and their index.

How Can You Access a Static Page Sitemap?

As you may already know, we create sitemaps using atom for our blog posts, but in the case of static pages, Google has created a sitemap that can be accessed by adding at the end of your blog address, a pages map. In the image below, you can see how ann smarty recommends using one of the users who are not connected to her but are still using hashtags that make sense in terms of countries and friends they share in common. A pretty good way to communicate with more like-minded people. Insert the sitemap in the text field, in pages. Hit the submit button and you’re all done! The same method works for all other search engines like bing/yahoo and Yandex.

Choose Which Page You Want to Index in Google

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You can always decide which static pages you want to get indexed by search engines. By default, every page gets indexed. However, if you want to protect any pages from getting indexed, you need to do some settings. You can easily add contacts from your Gmail/yahoo account and Facebook account using their add contact feature. You can create forms and display them on your website with their create form section, and you can easily send newsletters from their dashboard with just one click. Hope you will find this tutorial helpful. To submit a static page sitemap in the google search console and increase your blog’s search ranking and visibility. Comment below if you need any help.

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