So You Have the Sales Lead… Now What?

It’s so exciting. After all, you’ve spent all that time crafting your post, making sure your subject line lands, and coming up with a question or offer that people will Angola Email List respond to. It’s always encouraging to see leads coming in as a result. But now what? How do you turn that sales lead into a business? If you’ve been involved in sales for a while, you probably know all too well that a first response is always a pretty cold lead. They’re not your friends, they’re not ready to become your customers, and they’re certainly not ready for a full sales pitch. The same goes for cold emails as it does for cold calls. When making an appointment from a cold call, you have to remember that the person you are meeting is still actually a cold sales prospect.

You Simply Said Something That Resonated

You simply said something that resonated with them enough to pique their interest. When you get to the meeting, you still need to show them why it’s in their best interest to keep talking to you. In Angola Email List short, you still have to be a seller . The same is true when you receive a response to your cold email. All this answer means is that you have the Angola Email List opportunity to tell them what real value you bring to the table and why they should actually listen to you. Now you become a seller. Here’s what we used to do

Back Then, Someone Would Raise Their Hand

Angola Email List

Back then, someone would raise their hand as a “sales prospector” – either filling out a form on your website, calling for information, or responding to an email or phone call – and the Angola Email List sales team rushed at them like a lion that hadn’t seen a gazelle for days. I always felt like they were starved for business and would never see another lead again. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that in addition to calling and sending a follow up email, they would call back later in the day. And then again the next morning. Then again before going to lunch. And again before they go home. Then again the next morning… You get the picture.

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