Solve problems at the source, so that environmental protection can truly be implemented in human life.” Huang Zhiyang said.

It is a long and difficult process to change the environment, so it is even more necessary to continue to try multiple ways and cooperate with different roles. In fact, since 2019, food panda has launched the service of “consumers can choose not to ask for disposable tableware when ordering meals”, which has reduced 5 million kilograms of garbage in one year; it has also called on nearly 200 delivery partners to clean the beach. , remove nearly 1,000 kilograms of marine debris. the Service Experience. a Total of More Than 380,000 Channels Across Taiwan Can Be Used. China Trust Launched the All Me Card and Cooperated with the E-Commerce Leader and the Telecom Leader Chunghwa Telecom to Provide Industry-First Cross-Platform Accumulated Point Services. Photo Credit: China Trust Launched the

In Order to Improve the Consumption Experience of Generation

Going back to what I said at the beginning of this article, this seemingly “contradictory confrontation” cross-border alliance is actually based on the common goal of environmental protection. The cooperation between food panda and RE-THINK not only opens a model Morocco Phone Number for cross-border dialogue, but also makes the road of environmental protection accompanied by partners and even more powerful under the common goal of a waste-free life. Points” According to Their Current Needs. It Also Provides Up to 12% Feedback Across Designated Channels Such as E-Commerce, Telecommunications, the Four Major Supermarkets, Department Stores, and Life Payment, and Upgrades

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As a food delivery platform that is close to the lives of consumers

Food panda can not only serve as a medium for educating the public, but also an excellent testing ground for environmentalists to break through the stratosphere and seek the greatest consensus on convenience and. Caring for the environment. but Also in Outflanking Online and Offline Channels. , Fully Covering the Life Circle of Consumers. Recently, Taiwanese E-Commerce Pchome, Chunghwa Telecom and China. Trust Launched the All Me Card. the Main Feature Is That You Can Use the Pi Wallet, Pchome 24h Shopping and Hami Pay to Make Purchases Without Binding a Physical Card. the Digital Structure Breaks Through the Difficult Threshold of Cross-Industry. . Consumers Can Freely Choose to Use “P Coins” or “Hami

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