Some Curious People Ask About the Difference Between

Most people use the terms internet and the world wide web interchangeably. In fact, they can’t see any difference between the two. Only some curious people ask about the difference between the internet and the www. Do they wonder if two of these things are the same? If not, then what is the difference between the two? The short answer is that New Zealand Phone Number List internet technology and www are not the same things. Today we understand the main difference between these two nouns. Together with Facebook has finished rolling out a feature that allows users to write introductory fields for short Facebook bios on their timeline. This is basically a brief introduction to people. The purpose of this introduction is to tell people about timeline visitors in a nutshell.

The Internet

The internet is a massive network of networks. It is essentially the connections between millions of smaller computer networks scattered around the world. These networks are connected to each other by means of aboveground cables, downhole cables, satellite links, sub-ocean cables, etc. In addition word internet actually refers to all the hardware infrastructure that exists in the network. Such hardware includes computer systems, routers, cables, bridges, servers, cell towers, satellites, and other debris. All these pieces of hardware operate under the internet protocol (IP). Different computing devices on the internet can be identified by IP addresses. similarly, web pages and other pieces of information on the www can be identified by a uniform resources locator (URL) address.

World Wide Web (WWW)

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In the course of life, when people say internet, most of the time they actually mean the world wide web or www. The worldwide web is a collection of all information that is accessible through the internet. So all the text, pictures, audio, video online all make up the worldwide web. Most information is accessed through the website and the website is identified by our domains name. There is a huge amount of information available on www. Www uses the HTTP protocol to access information from different servers. Information is sents as web pages organized in the form of a website. Various web pages are links to each other through hyperlinks.

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