Soul product Thailand Phone Number thinking: Is there a market prospect for positioning in soul dating?

Do you think there is a market prospect for soul positioning in soul dating? Will it be too small? Need to break the original product positioning?

Answer: first clarify the answer to Thailand Phone Number the question: there is a market. The pattern will not be too small. As well as there is no need to break the original market positioning.


As well as  Soul locates soul friends. While Momo Tantan and other dating software mainly focus on solving needs, marriage and love, etc. First of all, the first friend selection is carried out through photos. Taking the times as the background, today’s users Thailand Phone Number need more soul matching and interesting friendships. Only by adhering to the positioning of the product and operating and iterating on this basis can we maintain a good product ecology and a good life cycle.

As well as  According to the user portraits of the current products, it can be found from the three percentage data that the characteristics of its audience are very distinct, its pain point is loneliness, and its appeal is spiritual appeal, looking for people who match the soul. After aiming at the precise needs of users, we will continue to expand the market, even in Southeast Asia and overseas student circles, and the market prospects will be clearer.

Socializing with strangers

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As well as are two main types of strangers’ social interaction: one is appearance social (material); the other is spiritual social (spirit) [PS: This refers to Thailand Phone Number comprehensive stranger socialization, not vertical fields such as workplace socialization]

At present, face value social networking is mainly based on Momo. Tantan, Maohu, etc., while others such as Yinyu, Yitan, soul. Are all spiritual social apps that emphasize not looking at face.

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