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For example, brands can be afraid of: cannibalization Denmark Phone Number with your own website and loss of interesting customer data and customer contact the power of the large marketplaces and the competition of the marketplace itself ( Amazon and also sell products on their own platform) the cost, because they have to transfer high margins (often between 8% and 15% on gross turnover) to the marketplace Be smart and Denmark Phone Number avoid a race to the bottom Back to pricing policy. It doesn’t have to be a competition between the brand and the resellers. By making smart (and of course legal) agreements, you maintain stable pricing and prevent a race to the bottom. As a brand you have the advantage that you can determine Denmark Phone Number with which products you want to be present on marketplaces.

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The remaining range can then be offered by Denmark Phone Number resellers. This is one of the possible strategies. Working with a number of good resellers, each with their own expertise (such as fast delivery or excellent service), can be very effective. Another strategy can be to work with dynamic pricing tools. What choice do you make as a reseller? As a reseller it is therefore Denmark Phone Number important to have a certain expertise and/or a good relationship with the brand owner. Is this the case? Then you will probably also see that in your margin. Isn’t this the case and do you have a lot of competition? Then you will have to compensate for this by running Denmark Phone Number large volumes. You can achieve this with effective advertising campaigns.

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Keep in mind that the possibilities for Denmark Phone Number branding (this is different for brands) and reactivation of the consumer are a lot more limited. Do-it-yourself marketplace Another option is to build a marketplace yourself. Sufficient volume and added value compared to other large marketplaces are then very important. A number of Denmark Phone Number parties that have already preceded you include wehkamp, ​​BCC, fonQ, Blokker and kleertjes Think about the criteria new sellers must meet, how you’re going to bring in these new sellers and what form you’re going to offer ad space (if you’re going to do that at all). You also need to be able to Denmark Phone Number expand the range so that you can meet consumer demand.Marketplace How do you win the battle? Marketplaces themselves will compete with each other in the Netherlands, such as Amazon. But brands and retailers are also involved.

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