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Bolivia WhatsApp Number List A sprint planning checklist? How dare you: Scrum is a mindset, not a methodology. It’s a journey, not a destination. There is no one size fits all and what else could you cover with a checklist, the mother of all standardized processes? Well, it always depends on the application purpose of a tool. Find out why Scrum checklists are a handy tool if applied at an operational and practical level, reducing your cognitive load and freeing up time for more relevant things. Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Scrum Sprint Planning Checklist — Product Age The magic of checklists Some of you may know that the checklists come from an aviation accident. A new plane with a crew of experienced test pilots crashed on takeoff. It turned out that the plane had no mechanical problems, the flight crew just forgot a simple step during the takeoff procedure.

A Simple Step During the Takeoff Procedure

It was probably overconfidence in the face of complexity, a feeling of “we know what we have to do, as we do all the time” that led to the error. Whatever it was in the end, the consequence was to make checklists mandatory in aviation. Or in hospitals. Or anywhere, where the complexity of a task at hand may turn out to be too high a cognitive Bolivia WhatsApp Number List load to be sure that everything will go well. So, from my point of view, checklists are not a diabolical way to impose standardized processes but a useful tool for the practitioner even if he is a scrum master using a sprint planning checklist. Scrum Sprint Planning Checklist – The Details This sprint planning checklist is tailored to how my current team works. In other words, you probably won’t be able to apply this checklist to your team without modification.

For Example, We Put a Lot of Effort Into

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For example, we put a lot of effort into sprint planning preparation during weekly product backlog refinement sessions. (We usually plan two to three sprints.)Concretely, the sprint planning itself is a kind of confirmation of what we have already decided during the last refinement of the backlog. We probably adjust the scope of the sprint backlog during capacity planning.  However, it rarely happens that one changes the sprint goal, for example. A typical sprint planning #1 therefore only takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Therefore, if you work in a more traditional way, the following sprint planning checklist will miss some steps. Regarding the following timeline, T=0 refers to the start date of the upcoming sprint, and T-1 is the day before the start of this sprint. Also, T+1 is the day after the sprint schedule

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