Stand Out With an Extravagant Concept

They can (if properly executed of course) increase Canada Phone Number List the range. Concrete tips for inhakers are: Start hooking up on mapped moments . There is less time pressure on this and thus provides more opportunity for preparation (and consultation time with internal stakeholders). Use a hook-up calendar . Do you have a well-functioning newsroom? Then you give input for inhakers at mounting moments . These are topics that unexpectedly generate a lot of attention. In any case, make sure that the match.

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Real’ Arnhems Canada Phone Number List are, for example: the trolley buses, Sonsbeek Park, the Eusebius Church or the Feestaardvarken. 3. Let a resident speak Content can be written from different perspectives: the municipality itself, an employee of the municipality or a resident of the municipality. Content written from a resident or employee perspective has an angle from this person. The content of the message can be explicitly linked to this person, for example by using quotes and sentences such as .

Word Works

Canada Phone Number List

Posts in which the storytelling perspective lies (partly) with Canada Phone Number List residents often lead to more reach and more engagement than posts in which only the municipality has the floor. This was apparent from the A/B test on the subject of ‘informal care compliment’ (see image). We have posted these on Facebook in the municipality of Overbetuwe. The variant in which the resident’s perspective was incorporate in the form of a quote (Facebook message on the right) generate more engagement than the variant without. Test with different types of storytelling perspective for content on social media.

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