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Photo of a digital marketer behind a laptop. 9. An SEO quick scan in less than 30 minutes? That’s how you do that An SEO quick scan can take a lot of time. But with the right tools and structure, it will only take you 30 minutes. It starts with getting all Spain Phone Number the tools ready, so you don’t have to wait for such a tool to finish scanning your website. In this article, Junior van Ruiten takes you through all the steps, minute by minute. Stopwatch in hand on yellow background during SEO quick scan in 30 minutes 10. Behind the scenes: UX writing for the government’s corona apps How can UX writing contribute to a more positive feeling about an app for a broad target group that nobody actually wants to use? And which is also under a magnifying glass.

A Lot Time In Communication

Dave de Geus contributed to the CoronaCheck app and shares the most important insights in this article.That last question first: it may sound a bit silly, but you write because you want to say something. You want the other person to know something, to understand something, to gain a new insight, to feel comforted. Or just that someone laughs really hard at a funny story. I understand that you are not immediately on the edge of your seat, this speaks for itself, I am kicking a number of open doors out of the rebates here, I know (I say sorry!). Although? On many websites of all kinds of companies there are a lot of words, sentences, blocks of text and then I never really get the idea that it is meant to say something.


Time In Communication

To really inspire. It is often very difficult to understand what is actually meant. Often the end of a sentence can be reached, quite an expedition in itself, let alone reaching the end of the webpage, most texts are hell. Terrible! Attention So why is it important that it ‘looks like you’re just sitting next to someone like you’re talking to someone? Because you want to tell something (and that they get it and yeah, maybe buy from you) and you can only do that if someone listens and someone listens, edge of the seat, you have all that attention and you want to hold it, if someone feels addressed; like you’re actually talking to someone. A bit of contact, so to speak! (just in between: by the way, I had intended to be very nice this time.

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