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Amazon DSP now allows you to show Switzerland Phone Number your ads bas on 6 targeting options. Lifestyle Targeting You can show ads to audiences bas. On broad interest groups like cooking, fishing, tech Switzerland Phone Number enthusiasts, etc. In-market targeting – you can reach potential buyers based on recent searches or browsing behavior. Contextual targeting – you can show ads to your audience based on. What they’re currently viewing is Switzerland Phone Number Demographic Targeting.  You can show ads based on age, gender, income, location, and more.

When To Run Your Switzerland Phone Number

Remarketing you can show ads to Switzerland Phone Number audiences who have view or purchas. Your products Lookalike targeting – you can ask Amazon to find buyers. Who are similar to those who Switzerland Phone Number have already purchased from you Custom Audience Targeting. You can upload your own audience for targeting. How to Run Amazon DSP Ads Amazon DSP Audience Amazon DSP advertising is heavily bas on machine Switzerland Phone Number learning. You basically tell Amazon who you want to target. Which products you want to sell, and when to run your ad, and Amazon does the rest.

Find Out Which Ads Switzerland Phone Number

Switzerland Phone Number

Amazon DSP ads can also be creat Switzerland Phone Number automatically using Amazon’s ad creation tools. But in general, it’s in your best interest to create your own ad creative. Once ads are created, Amazon Switzerland Phone Number will place them on various websites. Find out which ads convert, and continuously optimize your campaigns. If you have your own online store, you can also put a pixel on your website that will pass Amazon information about your store’s visitors, which you can then use to create lookalike audiences, etc. Editor’s Note: When implementing Amazon Pixels, you should be wary of the information Switzerland Phone Number you are passing to them. After all, Amazon has been known to take seller data and launch its.

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