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On the Web everything changes very quickly and if we don’t stay informed the change destroys us. If, on the other hand, we manage to spend 5 minutes a day reading the “newspaper” in the morning, the change can only be a benefit. THE 12 BEST BLOGS OF WEB ANALYTICS 1. He goes into the particulars of the code and guides you in the implementations with maximum efficiency.

Let’s say these two blogs together reach the maximum both for the strategic part and for the practical part. Which in my opinion every analyst must have. web analytics blog 3. Online Behavior by Daniel Waisberg  the right combination between Avinash and Justin. Strategic and technical at the same time, with a very statistical and rigorous approach. You can find very interesting resources for A / B testing and using R. One of my latest discoveries that immediately rose to the top of the top reads.

On the Web Everything Changes Very Quickly

Ah, obviously Daniel is Google Ukraine Phone Number Analytics Advocate here between Evangelist. Advocate and Ambassador there is fun web analytics blog 4. Google Analytics in 30 seconds by Marco Cilia : perhaps the best technician in Italy, I think he chews code at breakfast, he participated in several Summits, some even with Avinash. . She is currently a candidate for the Digital Analytics Association. ANALYTCS WEB BLOG 6.

Google Analytics official blog : it would be useless to read the previous ones without keeping informed about the formal releases of Google. Great for keeping track of the new features of the tool. Today Cohort, lifetime value and other very useful reports are coming. 7. Unofficial Google analytics blog : we like formal things but then we also want the human, real and truthful version of it. 8. Web Analytics Demystified : an alternative and a bit eccentric blog, but we know that from those who are a bit crazy there is only to learn! Fun and interesting at the same time. web analytics blog 9.

Justin Cutroni’s Blog Another Google Analytics Evangelist

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Web analytics World: very interesting, it remains more generic than the others but is always up-to-date. 10. Brian Clifton Blog : Avniash’s competitor, a little old school but to keep an eye on web analytics blog 11. Kissmetric , the Analytics section: full of interesting resources, I found very useful articles, much more technical than fun but it goes straight to the point which is a pleasure 12. Thinking Marketing Web Marketing DISCOVER THE EVENTS CALENDAR marketing events Meet Joe Black –

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