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Conclusion: taking steps is in order; taking steps Netherlands Phone Number and taking measures are more common. Invent “We just have to figure out exactly where we want to go.” Few people will fall for that anymore. A few decades ago we would have used figuring out, or finding out, or finding out here, but you don’t have Netherlands Phone Number to be Willie Wortel to invent. Conclusion: inventing in the sense of ‘finding out’ is accepted. 18. Vital Do you have a vital profession, for example in healthcare or the supermarket?

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Then you can safely call it that. Vital, from the Netherlands Phone Number English vital of course, nicely expresses that you are doing something that is vitally important. Conclusion: vital is okay, although crucial, essential and indispensable are just as telling. As a bonus, a sentence with three former Anglicisms that hardly anyone looks up to anymore: even if the biggest recession ever is in the pipeline, we’re going Netherlands Phone Number for it! For these and many more (alleged) Anglicisms and the judgment about them, see this advice from Onze Taal . Do you have any additions?

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Leave them in a comment This is a time Netherlands Phone Number of reflection, forced slowing down. Our heads are quickly full and digital busyness is really just a nuisance. How do you ensure that your customer forgets his concerns about corona or works with your content? Put his analytical brain aside and go ‘on a journey? This is not possible with only pieces of information. We need to be inspiring and interactive. Do less, only better. In other words: more creative, distinctive and socially relevant.


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