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Own competing private label Thailand Phone Number products! In general, Amazon DSP ads tend to convert better when you send visitors back to Amazon instead of your own website . However, if your customer lifetime value is high , you might want to try selling in your own store. The real power Thailand Phone Number of Amazon DSP is the rich Amazon-specific customer information you can access to target your ads. How to Get Start with Amazon DSP Bottom-Funnel Ads Amazon DSP Bottom Funnel. The quickest and easiest way to get start with Thailand Phone Number Amazon DSP advertising is to simply run a retargeting campaign.

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Here are your redirect options. Amazon Thailand Phone Number Pixel Remarketing – You can retarget customers who shop on your own website Amazon Product Remarketing – You can retarget shoppers Thailand Phone Number who view. A specific product but didn’t buy it Amazon Brand Remarketing. You can retarget shoppers who have view any of your products with ads from specific brands. Amazon Similar Product Remarketing. An advertisement to Thailand Phone Number shoppers who have view products similar to yours Amazon Cross-Sell Remarketing.

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You can advertise complementary Thailand Phone Number products to your existing customer base. To get start, you simply create an Amazon audience of shoppers from one of the above categories. Then create an ad for that product using all Amazon-support ad sizes as follows. Ad placement Thailand Phone Number ad size Creative dimension maximum. File weight file format medium rectangle. Remember, you can let Amazon create all your ads for you, but in general, it’s best to create. Your own ads so you can include your unique value Thailand Phone Number proposition. This is what my ad looks like.

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