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But make Ecuador Phone Number List sure that you do not use too many subordinate clauses. And keep switching! 5. Repeat! This applies especially to texts for the youngest children: ensure repetition. It makes it easier for the child to understand the text and the ‘big picture’. You often see repetition in picture books, as in ‘The Sloth Who Wasn’t Lazy’. On page one it says: ‘Slowly, slowly, slowly the sloth crawled along a tree branch’. On page two it says: ‘Slowly, slowly, slowly the sloth ate a leaf’. And on page three it says, “Slowly, slowly, slowly the sloth fell asleep

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Humor keeps children more fascinated. Give your Ecuador Phone Number List characters funny names or a funny, eye-catching look. Make up a story that makes children giggle because things happen that are secretly not allowed. Or have the characters make silly or naughty statements. You will see that children remember a funny text much better, and that they are very Ecuador Phone Number List curious about what will happen next. To a children’s jury Now that you know the points to keep in mind, you can get started with texts for children. Do you want to make sure that your text is suitable for younger readers? Have your text checked by a real children’s jury. Be open to their incredibly honest opinion (help!), because that’s the best way to learn. Partly due to the arrival of emoji, visual language is the fastest growing language.

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We now Ecuador Phone Number List have access to a library of thousands of images and icons. A popular language, but are emoji also suitable to use in your marketing texts? Does your company speak ’emojis’ fluently? Emoji have grown into a universal way of communicating. They add feelings to a message and are faster to Ecuador Phone Number List process than text. Companies are also increasingly using emoji in online messages and social media campaigns. Some companies have even developed their own emoji, such as Coca-Cola. The question is not if, but how to use emoji in your online marketing. Campaign Monitor clearly shows in the infographic below that using emoji in .

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