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Blogging is a great way to share your experiences and adventures with the whole world and nowadays it is possible to do so through mobile phones. That’s because most of us lead busy lives, so it’s hard to set aside time when we get home to update our blog regularly.

Therefore, nowadays many Bloggers use their mobile phones to manage their blogs. Here is an application to support the process of creating a blog from your mobile.

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Using Blogger on Mobile
The Blogger mobile app lets you post, edit, save and view your blog posts. Anyone with a smartphone with can download the app.

Important: To post with the Blogger mobile app, you must already have a Google Account and a blog created from a computer.

You can publish posts from anywhere, anytime with the app. When you use your mobile phone for blogging, then you can write and edit your blog via your mobile phone and VP Maintenance Email Lists save it as a draft. Then you can edit it using your computer to change settings, layout or check your stats, you can use Blogger dashboard on the web.

What you can do in the app


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When you sign in with your Google Account, you can search, edit, and delete published posts and drafts. If you have admin or author permissions to multiple blogs, you can switch between blogs.

With the mobile app, you can:
Create and publish a new post
Save the post as a draft to finish later
Share a link to your post using Android Share
Open a blog or post in a browser
Switch between account and blog
Visit the Blogger Help Center
Sending in-app feedback
When you want to start a blog using your mobile, then you need some apps to support your work. The applications you will need include:

1. Platform Blogging: WordPress atau Blogger
Before you can start blogging, you must choose a platform to publish your site on. There are several choices of free websites, such as WordPress and Blogger which are very popular. Both platforms provide services for their users to write, edit and publish your blog even if you are not on a computer, because you can download the application on your mobile.

The main difference between Blogger and WordPress is that Blogger is a bit simpler to configure and use, WordPress is easier to customize and eventually switch to self-hosted sites when you go beyond the limits of their free offering. Whichever you choose, there are official apps available for the major mobile platforms.

2. Text Editor: Google Docs
While you can certainly write your text posts in your blogging application, you also have the opportunity to lose your work. You can write all your posts on Google Docs so your content will always be backed up and easily available on all your other platforms.

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