The Complete Guide to Brand Identity and Brand Design

Your brand identity is the sum total of controllable and. Uncontrollable elements, and frankly, there’s not much you can really contro.L when it comes to branding – you can spend a lot of time on your brand. Designing the things you can control, trying to form an identity. For your brand, but ultimately your customers (and your actions) decide what. Your brand is and what it means. Creating a design for your brand identity is difficult. But you can’t create marketing and print materials. Like the letterhead and business cards shown here. Without a cohesive brand identity.

Let’s Explore All the Elements of Brand

Let’s explore all the elements of brand identity (note that there. Is some overlap here with designing your personal brand. But a personal brand is ultimately a different animal and should be. Treated differently the elements of your brand identity here. Are the elements of your brand identity that you can design and control. Some of the items listed Namibia WhatsApp Number List here are concrete, others a bit more abstract. But in the end they all play a part. Audience elements of your brand identity (your target market. Who you sell to (or want to sell to) why you want to sell to them how you reach them. (and how they would like to be reached) what words/designs/images/thoughts.

Resonate With Them or Inspire

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Resonate with them or inspire them how what you do (or want to do) aligns with. Them and their interests design elements for your brand identity.  confidential, etc.)Interactive elements of your brand identity Your focus on customer service (or lack thereof) How you/employees interact with customers In line On the phone In person The advertising you are subjecting your customers/potential customers to (essentially, how selfish and annoying you are versus how much you are trying to help them)How often you advertise to them How much value your ads include



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