The Downside of Qualified Leads: Disqualification

For most marketers and sales reps, prospect disqualification is something that brings with it some hesitation. Even if a prospect doesn’t seem ready for a sales journey, some teams fall into the trap of thinking it’s worth it. The logic behind this makes sense, the more people you hire the more sales you generate, right? Well, not exactly. Chasing leads for quantity reasons can be a costly practice for a business. It wastes time, energy and money. For marketing and sales to create true synergy, efforts must prioritize identifying quality leads. In order to optimize your sales funnel, you need to focus on lead disqualification as lead qualification.

The Pressure Is Not Only to Drive Traffic to the Top of the Funnel

Today, marketers are tasked with putting more quality leads in front of sales than ever before. With 57% of B2B companies regarding “converting qualified leads into paying customers” as a top priority, the pressure is not only to drive traffic to the Hong Kong Phone number top of the funnel, but also to filter out quality leads for sales, while separating the less good ones. (Source) The differences may be subtle in nature, but properly focusing attention on the power of a disqualification process (for new or existing prospects) can help uncover new approaches to demand generation and the overall qualification process. prospects.

In This Article, We’ll Explore the Value of Disqualification

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