The Inbounder 2 Days of Pure Digital Marketing Graphic Design

Fnac celebrates its 25th anniversary in Spain. We spoke with the Marketing and Communication Manager of Fnac Spain, who admits that the company is “in an innovation phase.  There is a growing need to improve the customer experience,” she says. In this interview, she explains the keys to continuing to innovate in the new digital era. Beatriz Navarro holds a bachelor’s degree in information sciences. She developed her professional career in marketing and communication for companies such as Repsol, Bassat & Ogilvy (now Ogilvy & Mather Spain), Starbucks Coffee, and Supersol, giving her almost 20 years of experience. In November 2014, she was Marketing and Communication Manager of Fnac Spain. Question: In the new digital age, consumers are changing every day, doing.

This Will Allow Us to Get How Is Fnac Adapting to These Graphic Design

The Inbounder 2 Days of Pure Digital Marketing Graphic Design. How is Fnac adapting to these new demands? Answer: sure; at Fnac, we are aware of the demands of this new client. The omnichannel strategy is Graphic Design vital to reach “super buyers”. And we have been omnichannel for more than 18 years when the customer bought on and then picked up their order in-store. That’s why at Fnac, we don’t talk as much about omnichannel as about One Channel. We work in this way regardless of how our customers approach us (physical stores,, social networks, loyalty programs, etc.).Feel the security and comfort of being at La Fnac while having the best experience. of purchase, the same services, payment facilities, qualified prescription, etc. All this requires a lot of effort.

We Were Also The First Retailers Graphic Design

We were also the first retailers to schedule cultural events. Offer qualified prescriptions through our expert salespeople, have the most innovative products, impeccable after-sales service, etc. Our philosophy has always been to offer the best shopping experience in our 33 physical and online stores at Today, we keep all these characteristics that define us and we are always working to improve ourselves, to adapt to the needs of our customers.

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