Want to retire with 30 million in 20 years, how should a 45-year-old single mother enter the market in crisis

Most of the words that investors greet each other when they meet recently are: Did you sleep last night? Virtual currencies and global stock markets have entered a bear market. The U.S. Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by a total of 5 yards for two consecutive months. Although Taiwan only raised interest rates by a total of 1.5 yards in March and June, which was lower than market estimates, it has put pressure on mortgage borrowers. Not too small.The stock market and real estate are the preferred choices for many Taiwanese investment. This has also made everyone anxious and uneasy about whether to exit the market or enter the market in a crisis, and how to adjust the mortgage. Yawen is one of them.

As a single mother, Yawen has accumulated 4 million usable

funds through her work. At the same time, she has a property worth more than 7 million Panama Phone Number in her name, and her children have already gone to college. The 45-year-old’s biggest hope is to accumulate assets of 30 million in 20 years and use her passive income of about 1.5 million a year to retire. Just when Yawen was ready to take action, the epidemic and war brought about changes in the global market, and the mortgage loans that have recently expired will face additional pressure from rising interest rates, so Yawen did not know how to take the next step. And stand still.

Analyzing Yawen’s current problems

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although there is a lot of money at hand to invest, but the pressure of hesitant to move forward also makes her have to rely on live broadcasts and part-time job writing every day in addition to her regular job, in order to avoid the slash. Not making ends meet for the month.What if you have the same urgent investment needs as Yawen, but you don’t know what to do because of the current market uncertainty? Perhaps the following 3 tips for entering the market during a crisis are quite suitable for you.

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