The medicinal art of Yayoi Kusama

Her infinite patterns protect her from her psychological problems. He has written novels, edited an erotic newspaper, designed bags for louis vuitton and created his own clothing line. In addition, she has filled the art world with polka dots and infinite spaces and achieved the record for the most expensive work ever sold by a living artist 7.1 million dollars for white no. 28. What is the secret of the prolific yayoi kusama born in japan, she moved to new york as a young woman, where happenings in which she painted moles on naked people made her popular. She there she became a benchmark of avantgarde and abstract art.


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She returned to japan and the problems she had had photo retouching service since childhood worsened she kusama suffers from obsessivecompulsive disorder, hallucinations and suicidal tendencies. So voluntarily, she decided to enter a psychiatric center. The medicinal art of yayoi kusama 3 vcg visual china group he has been there for more than 40 and has never stopped working. She claims that focusing on her patterns helps clear all other thoughts from her head. They are her way of coping with her illness and transforming it into art. Moles are a path to infinity. When we erase nature and our bodies with moles, we integrate into the unity of our environment. We become part of eternity.

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The medicinal art of yayoi kusama 6 timothy a. Clay Chine Directory afp a year ago he opened his museum in tokyo, a space that makes a retrospective of his works now one of his infinity rooms can be seen at the victoria miro gallery in london. She also has a documentary about to be released. At 89 years old, yayoi kusama is still just as unstoppable. The medicinal art of yayoi kusama 9 peter nicholls reuters the medicinal art of yayoi kusama 11 mike segar reuters. You can find many more fonts on the NEO2 website . But remember that these fonts cannot be sold or given away to third parties and. That their commercial use must include the legal text that is indicated next to the license of each font.

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