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YouTube 5,400 5,700 6% RSS 800 800 0% Email Lebanon Phone Number even more relevant E-mail remains a very important channel for us. The big advantage of e-mail is that you have it under your own management and are not dependent on algorithms, as with social media. Don’t build on someone else’s land . We therefore put a lot of energy into recruiting, retaining and involving Lebanon Phone Number subscribers for our newsletters, updates and alerts . Growth this year has been less strong than was usual in recent years.

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We have a reason for this: we have been actively Lebanon Phone Number cleaning up our mailing lists since this spring. Fortunately, there is still a clear growth in the number of active subscribers. Search Traffic from search (and especially Google) is an important channel for us. Due to a Google update, we and several other b2b publishers had to deal with a drop in traffic from search. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t be too dependent on one particular channel, because you can be disadvantaged by an algorithm change from one day to the next.

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Fortunately, the share of traffic from e-mail and Lebanon Phone Number social media has increased again, because that’s where our loyal readers and followers are. We are also continuously working on improvements to the site (for example, the page speed) and the blog to Lebanon Phone Number improve our search results. LinkedIn again social king Our LinkedIn company page grew this year by a nice 8% to more than 67,000 followers. And to our surprise, the LinkedIn group grew rapidly, growing almost 8% (compared to 5% last year) to 38,800 members.

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